Conflict strategies

There is one optimal strategy for every conflict. I am happy to help you develop and implement it.

Negotiations and mediation

A third party can often reach better negotiation results. If the negotiations fail, mediation should be considered.

Representation in court and arbitration proceedings

Unfortunately, court and arbitration proceedings can not always be avoided. But they should always be part of a conflict strategy and never be an end in themselves.

Legal opinions and process risk analysis

Legal opinions and process risk analysis are an essential part of any conflict strategy. They should make clear statements and be requested as early as possible, not just when it comes to court.

Conflict prevention

Conflict prevention often begins with the conclusion of the contract. There, too, the course is often set, whether it goes to court later or the benefits of a mediation process can be used.

Second Legal Opinion

For important and complex conflicts, it may be useful to seek a second opinion.